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Forest of Sivens painting of “The Blasted Oak” painting created on location has a sense of ‘Tolkien and Hobbits’ about it.

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The Blasted Oak
The Blasted Oak

The Blasted Oak” 40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″)  available, £ 1,500.00. by Gordon Frickers.

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The painting:

An oak, alone in a forest clearing in South West #France,painted plien aire, after a long hike I admired this oak and liked the symbolism.

Solitary, a lightening strike was almost inevitable on this sturdy oak, in old English a ‘blasted oak’.

Many of us have similar experiences.

The Forest of Sivens is renowned for it’s rare plants and is reputedly one of the 2 oldest unspoiled forests in Europe the other being nearby, the forest of Grisgne.

I am pleased to report, I saw this tree again in 2014 and it is looking well on the way to a complete recovery.

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