Foret de Sivens 2b,

Foret de Sivens, Tree paintings in ancient woodland, impossible painting so let’s try ! Tableau par forêt par couteau léger.

Foret des Champignons
Foret des Champignons

Foret de Sivens by knife, 35 x 25 cm (13¾” x 9¾”),  £ 1500. spontaneous painting by Gordon Frickers

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Foret de Sivens Painting

Typical of my paintings described as More than a match for anything in the Musee d’Orsay” by Alain Soreano, author, historian, this is the second painting produced the same day, same location, an experiment using only palette knives and in part to use up left over paint.

A first study explored the light and colours leaving me with much paint to tempting to throw away.

The first picture was a slow considered response.

Having familiarised myself with the subject the challenge here was to be as spontaneous as possible working rapidly with the prepared colours and palette knives, no brushes.

The hours invested with such care earlier in the day paid off when this remarkable fresh and free study was made.

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