Forest of Sivens, 2

Forest of Sivens, paintings of the impossible, trees, a woodlands and forest series.

Foret de Sivens 2
Foret de Sivens 2

Forest of Sivens, 2,  40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”), £1,500.00,  landscape paintings by Gordon Frickers.

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Forest of Sivens 2, this painting

Are trees impossible to paint accurately?

This picture made on location in the forest of Sivens in the Tarn is one of a series exploring different aspects of the subject of trees and woodland.

The location was carefully chosen for its light, colour, texture and compositional, relationships.

This is one of three paintings made during a period of super hot stable weather.

Each painting was made at the same location at the same time of day but searching for different qualities.

In this particular case the objective was to push the artists anomalous colour vision to responses to natural colours, to switch ‘off’ his learned colour responses, to push hard but not to extremes and simply see what happened.

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The Forest of Sivens is one of the two most ancient forests in France.

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