Moulin sur la plage

The Vendee, Isle de Noirmoutier, Sand, Salt, Wind and Pines:

Moulin des l'Epines
Moulin des l’Epines

Painted By Gordon Frickers, fine art,  23 x 33 cms (9 1/4″ x 13″), oils, available, £750. GF-Sig-Dear-Joe d

This charming coastal landscape is as I write hung on my salon, it could  bring to your home, or office a refreshing ambience of open skies, clean beaches, woodland and ocean, pirates and gourmet foods.
Painted on the Isle de Noirmoutier, off The Vendee coast, an island of sand, wind, ocean, pines and new potatoes, the Isle de Noirmoutier has many secrets worthy of discovery by children of all ages including some of the best sea salt of France  a surprising swimming pool, the most mellow late spring temperatures, ideal for a spring break, a microclimate in late May and June.

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You can discover this location on the enchanting Isle de Noirmoutier connected by bridge to the Vendee, an island where as you come ashore, the sign pointing back the way you have come doesn’t say ‘Paris’, it reads ‘Europe’.

Moulin des l'Epines detail
Moulin des l’Epines detail

Beautiful Noirmoutier has a tradition of individuality and at one time, unbiased piracy, the inhabitants were as please to attack a French ship as one of any other nationality .

Moulin des l'Epines detail 2
Moulin des l’Epines detail 2


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