Last Night

Last Night
‘Last Night’

by Gordon Frickers 61 x 81 cm (24″ x 32″), oils, available, £1975.00

The painting

Haunting, sultry, symbolic, inspired by a dream, inspire by an event, by her request the name of my model is to remain a mystery. 

The symbolism and abstraction qualities expressed in this painting, eternal love, hope and faith, will bring good fortune, kindness and wise judgement to those seeking spiritual truth and emotional security.

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Last Evening (detail 2) 02.04.16
Last Night (detail 2) 02.04.16

I believe that this one is most inspirational… In a very different way than previous art that I have seen of yours!

I love how you captured the quality without sacrificing detail“. (Carol Lynn 03.04.2016 via Facebook)

Last Night', detail
‘Last Night’, detail
I don’t often paint portraits.
Who will I paint next?


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