Bourg Regatta

The Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux’ series

Port of Borg 11.08.16
Port of Bourg 11.08.16


A landscape painting combined with marine, measuring 53 x 81 cms (21” x 32”), oils, available, £6,000. ex studio.

The painting

From an idea in part developed and sketched while visiting Bourg in the Haut Medoc district, inspired by some of the people.

My particular interest here was to play with the balance of colours, tones achieved by the powerful raw semi abstract first paint and a more complex working of detail and activity.


Details and ‘a painting in progress’


Port of Borg 11.08.16 detail 1
Port of Bourg 11.08.16 detail 1

Bourg Regatta (as finished) detail 1

Port of Borg 11.08.16 detail 2
Port of Bourg 11.08.16 detail 2


Bourg Regatta detail 3
Bourg Regatta detail 3


Bourg Regatta detail 4
Bourg Regatta detail 4

A painting in progress (03.06.15) for those who enjoy seeing the process.

By Gordon Frickers

The painting

Steady progress today with this painting of the Bourg (Haut Medoc) waterfront.

Bourg Waterfront detail 1 (unfinished )
Bourg Waterfront detail 1 (unfinished )

A painting included in ‘The Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux’ series.

Bourg Waterfront detail 2 (unfinished )
Bourg Waterfront detail 2 (unfinished)

I have a very specific idea in mind but the painting is taking over.

Bourg Waterfront detail 4 (unfinished )
Bourg Waterfront detail 4 (unfinished )

The currents on the Gironde estuary are very strong so I’ll take that as an omen and go with the flow which still leaves a question.

Bourg Waterfront detail 3 (unfinished )
Bourg Waterfront detail 3 (unfinished )

When and how will this painting be completed???

Bourg Waterfront detail 5 (unfinished )
Bourg Waterfront detail 5 (unfinished )


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