King’s Tower, St Emilion,

 The sentinel of St Emilion, or the King’s Tower. 

Saint Emilion Tour de Roi, progress, 11.09.17

Saint Emilion Tour de Roi, progress, 11.09.17

By Gordon Frickers 40 x 61 cms (16″ x 24″), oils, available, ex frame, ex studio.

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The painting:

Saint Emilion remains one of my all time favourite places.

A carefully chosen perspective, the study shown developing here started life as a location ‘plien aire’ sketch. 

Having explored St Emilion thoroughly, carefully I choose this location.

The basic drawing took hours,  then colour impressions were added with a fluid spontaneity.

St Emilion Tour de Roi, detail, progress, 11.09.17

St Emilion Tour de Roi, detail, progress, 11.09.17

Working on a festival day, I was able to include members of the Jurade in full costume atop the tower, Château du Roy.

In turn this study was worked up into a finished painting which in theory is still available but…

St Emilion, Tour de Roi

St Emilion, Tour de Roi

To my surprise, my son loves it; so that original is on loan to him in Bristol.

Following several people offering via this web site to buy that painting, I’ve decided to complete the original plien aire sketch.

Given my odd eyesight, it is impossible for me to produce an exact copy thus the new painting will be similar but definitely not the same, certainly and original work of fine art.

Thus that is what you are looking at here, so here if you are quick, is your chance to acquire this beautiful desirable painting.

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Château du Roy, Castel Daou Rey of Norman origin is according to legends, to have been used as a King’s Castle, which kings…? 

The Château du Roy viewed here from the east is one of the largest and most prominent features of this ancient walled town and often open to the public.

This symbol of royal power in a free town, this medieval Tower is typical of The Norman period.
Château du Roy affords magnificent views of the town and surroundings, well worth the modest entrance fee of 1 € per person (this fee may change).

This massive tower construction is the only intact Norman keep in the department of Gironde.

Château du Roy,  sometimes called The Castel Daou Rey, part of the reason it has survived is because it serve as town hall until 1720.

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