Approaching The Dragon’s Lair.

Sunset Series, Approaching the ‘Foret de Grisigne’ and the dragon’s lair, Sunset, 12 August.

Sunset, 12 August

Approaching The Dragon’s Lair

Approaching The Dragon’s Lair“, ~ a bargain, an investment for you, one of my all time finest paintings.

This landscape painting measures 35 x 25 cms (13¾” x 9¾”), oils, available £1200. ex frame, ex studio.

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This Painting:

One chance, one hit, as it happened.

Described by the celebrated English painter and teacher John Mitchell as ” a gem, perfect, don’t sell it“.

Entirely made ‘plien aire’ after careful preparation. painted ‘plien aire’, working very fast, very confidently very ‘en forme’, as an experiment to see what the result would be.

I wish you could see the original; if you like what you see here you will love the original.

Valley of the Vere, forest of Grisigne, the little river Vere forms a lake, you can glimpse through the distant trees, visit the Vere there in August and you can swim from the beach by the lake, pure delight on offer.

Sunset 12 August, detail

Sunset 12 August, detail

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