Sunrise, 25 July

Suggestive Sunrise, 25 July

Sunrise, 25  July

Sunrise, 25 July

Semi abstract, this painting by Gordon Frickers, measuring 40 x 50 cms (15¾” x 19¾”), oils, available, £2000.00 ex studio ex frame.

The painting

A painting for creative people.

A new dawn raises hopes of a fine day.

The painting you will notice demonstrates a spontaneity, painted as much by honed instinct and intuition as by careful management.

It is imprecise yet remarkably keen observation is evident.

The result challenges our imaginations, it encourages our minds to consider, a very suggestive, creative process.

The object  of ‘Sunrise Project‘ together with the ‘Sunset Project’  was to discover what happened when the artist painted what he saw as it happened.

How would the colours, tones and composition reveal themselves given the picture had to be completed is some 20 to 40 minutes?

This semi abstract painting in part resulted from a conversation with a mentor of mine Francis Pratt who suggested and we discussed ““Finding Power Painting”.

One of our questions was, sunrise, how might a painter tackle this subject already painted countless times?

Too much detail often detracts from the whole impact, like wise in spinning yarns, rather as radio often results in better pictures than you ‘see’ on TV…

In this painting I have very deliberately been keeping painting as abstract as possible –

One of a series produced over several weeks from the same location, the South East corner of the bastide village of Castelnau de Montmiral.

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