Gaillac, Plien Aire

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By Gordon Frickers measuring 40 x 50 cms (16″ x 20″), oils, available, £3,000.

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The painting

Produced ‘plien aire’, literally painted in one glorious ‘hit’ on location.

There was of course some very careful preparation because we know “PPP=PPP”, piss poor preparation = piss poor performance…

Gaillac, for long centuries, the navigable head of the capricious river Tarn, barge captains would say, “towards Gaillac so that became the name of the regional wines, Gaillac.

Here you see part of the quite extensive old quarter, part of the old port where in 1860 over 200 barges (gabarre) were registered at la capitainerie du port.

Without doubt the most picturesque way to enter Gaillac particularly for the first time is over this bridge.

Your visit to Gaillac starts well with easy parking by or near the Abbeye St Michele, tourist and wine information available at the old Abbey.

This part of the extensive old quarter, in former years bustling with commerce for the capricious river Tarn is a good place to begin exploring this picturesque old town. Gaillac was at the navigable head of the river Tarn, a busy port from pre history until the arrival of the rail way, the painting “The Port of Gaillac 1863” commissioned for the wine museum at Broze gives a good idea of Gaillac at the height of it’s port life.

You can purchase via our ‘Payments‘ page using Paypal or bank to bank

By arrangement payments can be in installments.

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