Gaillac, Abbaye et Pont

“Gaillac, Surprising Vines” Collection, Le Tarn : les chemins de la vigne.

Gaillac, a view including the Abbaye St Michel. Available, £6500.

Gaillac, a view including the Abbaye St Michel. Available, £6500.

Landscape painting measures 60 x 92 cms (24″ x 36″), oils on canvas, available, £2,000,  ex  frame ex studio.

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This painting

The town of Gaillac (pronounced guy’ak) at the heart of L’Occitane one of a series of paintings of the town and more outstanding chateaux.

This landscape painting was be completed on location with the kind permission of the landowner, my friend Charles, Count de Noblet-Anglure, during September 2016

Gaillac, pont, Abbaye (detail 1)  16.05.16

Gaillac, pont, Abbaye (detail 1) 16.05.16

You are perhaps aware, Gaillac is a small, remote very varied and beautiful wine producing region with a long interesting history which includes some remarkable vines.
Today Gaillac wines have become quite chic in London.

Gaillac, pont, Abbaye (detail 2 )  16.05.16

Gaillac, pont, Abbaye (detail 2 ) 16.05.16

Around Gaillac people are working hard to develop these distinctive wines and their markets.
My friends in Albi sent a link to a new Gaillac web site, pages are in English or French as you wish.

I found the site excellent and very interesting.
DON’T look unless you are prepared to be enchanted and join me in the beautiful Tarn!

This painting was inspired by and has it’s roots firmly in the beautiful capricious river Tarn and old quarters of Gaillac.

The location is one very familiar to me, enjoyed on many varied occasions, often with friends.

This painting was a direct development of the ‘plien aire’ study “Gaillac, the best route to arrive…” which was kept in the studio while this picture was composed and created so contributed significantly to the colouring.

Gaillac, pont, Abbaye (detail 3)  16.05.16

Gaillac, pont, Abbaye (detail 3) 16.05.16

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