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A painting’s story tells it’s story.

Château de Saurs, 28.11.16

Château de Saurs, 28.11.16

I consider myself very very lucky to have had during 2015/16 ready access to most of these subjects in the Tarn and thanks largely to my ‘French sister’ Hélène Ancelet for arranging a house to rent, I could in 2016 return and complete these paintings on location thus making each and every one including this Châteaux, de Saurs, the largest of the series, a very special result and exceptional moments in my painting career and life.

Château de Saurs, confusion no, change of plan yes.
Can you guess what is happening?
Where is the potential in this painterly mess?

Chateau de Saurs 16.08.16

Chateau de Saurs 16.08.16

I wasdetermined that this painting on canvas measuring 76 x 121 cms (30″ x 48″) will be a ‘full on ‘ effort worth of the Gaillac a place of which i am very fond.

With the kind permission of M.Yves Burrus I visited the gardens of this classic château several times during 2016 and 2017.

Besides exploring extensive gardens as can you if you visit, I sketched on location including in colour.

M. Burras opens to visitors during ‘working’ hours which during summer includes week ends.

In consultation M. Burrus we both felt the gardens deserved, needed to be included in the de Saurs painting.

While renowned for fine wines, many of them award winning, we felt and hope you agree, château de Saurs, a magnificent building that equals any in Bordeaux or elsewhere in wine growing France, it is the gardens a nice balance between formal and informal, which are de Saurs most distinguishing visual characteristic.

Château de Saurs the most classic building in the Gaillac region, in common with the other Châteaux, de Saurs remains a family home so I consider that aspect important for the ‘feel’, ambience, of my eventual painting.

A fair question was how best to represent this classic Palladian style building in it’s environment and at the same time complement the other paintings scheduled for the exhibition in December, invitation of the ville de Gaillac…?

Exhibitionsa come and go, the painting must also have ‘stand alone’ quality.
How to represent the varieties of colour, shape and texture among the many plants?
This represents quite a challenge for any painter or photographer as does the building.

Château de Saurs 17.08.2016

Château de Saurs 17.08.2016

Château de Saurs beginning to happen, to realise it’s potential.
I rather Hélène Ancelet and I like the previous version, it seemed a pity not to keep its unique qualities.
Now I have to wait while the under painting dries before I start ‘building’ and here methinks I’ll have a lot of gardening to do too.

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