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Trees, how to see the wood from the trees?

The Foret de Sivens is one of the two oldest unspoiled forests in France.


Forbidden wild mushrooms

Trees are near impossible to paint in detail so the question was how to effectively paint the emotions, the aura of trees?

Gordon Frickers decided to paint a series in the forest of Sivens, each study exploring different aspects of tree painting.

Each is a very individual study and while there was no direct commercial intention in their ‘free fall’ creation the results have proved remarkably popular perhaps because there is nothing else quite like them,

These highly original forest landscapes were created as part of a wider series of studies, experimentation and research Gordon Frickers undertook while based at the Painting School of Montmiral.

Results emerged with many ‘colour surprises’, challenging accepted ideas of vision based on 3 primaries.

Besides being very pleasing paintings, on closer examination these pictures raise many unanswered questions about the nature of colour vision.

The foret de Sivens is renowned for its rare plants and herbs, many are available from the Pharmacy of Castelnau de Montmiral used medicinally and as perfumes.

In days gone by the forest was a source of timber, meat and mushrooms (paye des Champignons), you can still see how charcoal was made, mostly it was shipped to Bordeaux for use in gunpowder.

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