Painting the Pyrenees

The mighty Pyrenees march across the distant landscape 100 miles to the west.

The Pyrenees, not all of them...

The Pyrenees, not all of them…

(lots of them, not all of them)

by Gordon Frickers, measuring 200 x 46 cms, (6′ 7″ x 1′ 6″) oils on specially prepared canvas board, commissioned privately for a home which on a clear evening enjoys this sort of sunset.

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The painting:

The bad news is to fully appreciate this painting you do need to see it.

Why, its special qualities are explained in this text.

This charming original idea came as a commission from a couple who live a few kilometers distance from where at that time when I had a studio in Castelnau de Montmiral, near Puycelci a bastide in the north of the Tarn, both villages being listed un des plus beaux village de France.

The picture was developed for our discussions and my visiting the location, my clients beautiful home, then subsequent sketches.

The clients had heard of ‘Gordon Frickers’ via the ‘grape vine’ – there are plenty of grape vines in this region…

They phoned to see if it was possible to create a special birthday present, wife to husband, to celebrate and enhance their lovingly restored farm house.

Pyrenees sketches

Pyrenees sketches

I like their idea.

On clear days one can and I sometimes have seen the Pyrenees from the Tarn even though some 120+ kilometers distant from the Castelnau de Montmiral area.

The mighty Pyrenees march across the distant landscape 100 miles to the west.

On a clear morning or calm evening their property enjoys this spectacular sight.

Gordon Frickers painting the Pyrenees

Gordon Frickers painting the Pyrenees

To make this idea work I visited their home to listen to their ideas & prepare  sketches that became this painting.

This original landscape painting was framed in the same oak they used when rebuilding their home.

The landscape now has pride of place over their mantelpiece.

A ‘full on ‘ painting, the work involved two visits to the location to discuss the client’s ideas, sketch and photograph.

This picture after a little research into the exact appearance of the Pyrenees at dusk was then produced. In the artists studio.

The extraordinary effects in the fore ground woodlands was in part the result of judicial use of gold paint in the high lights with the greens and browns. 

The golden glow the clients refer to below was in part achieved by using florescent white and gold paints from Winsor and Newton.

The painting was produced in the artists Castelnau de Montmiral studio, delivered on time in budget.

A presentation followed, Gordon Frickers was able to personally deliver this painting, after which my people wrote:


Dear Gordon,

Thank you from us both for the most beautiful painting which has come into our lives.

When we first saw it it was breathtakingly lovely but the more we look at it from different angles and at different times of the day, the more we appreciate it. It is suffused with golden light and will give us great joy for the rest of our lives.

I do hope our paths cross again in the future and we do wish you all the very best with your work. 

Kind regards”


Dear Gordon,

Yes do use anything from us if it will help you.

We should be honoured.

Peter sent me the photos you took and that is lovely as it means I can enjoy the painting whilst I’m in London too.

If you need us to speak to any potential clients then of course we would be happy to do that too, either in person or by email.

One can only see the Pyrenees mountains from this area on very clear early mornings and evenings as they are some 100 km from the Tarn.

This painting will do duty in less brilliant weather and I’m told become a family heirloom”.

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