Mermaids Pool

Kynance Cove has many secrets few discover , this is but one.

Mermaidd's Pool, Kynace Cove, Cornwall

Mermaidd’s Pool, Kynace Cove, Cornwall

By Gordon Frickers, measures 40 x 50 cms (16″ x 20″), oils, price £1500.00, ex studio, ex frame.

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The painting

The painting was one of the results of many visits to the remote Lizard peninsular, West Cornwall.

I was fortunate to live at Falmouth and later behind  Par Beach near Fowey, happy days…

This work was produced from nostalgic memory and photos in my studio while I was living at Castelnau de Montmiral, France, as part of a series about mermaids and Cornish legends.

The cove, best known for it’s green granite has many unique feature including pristine sands, crystal waters and natural under water gardens for swimmers with snorkels to explore.

In later years it became a favourite with with my growing family.

Mermaid’s Pool at Kynance Cove derived its name from the table rock in its centre where  legend tells us, on quiet days mermaids sun bathe.

If you are very quiet you just might see one…?

Mermaid’s Pool can only be approached via Queens Pool between half tides.

Ask the locals…

The location

Kynance Cove is a 2 hour drive from Plymouth the far west most Celtic part of Cornwall so a suitable weather fore cast and a little planning is called for.

Not easy to find, Kynance cove is a long drive from anywhere and one of the glories of the Cornish Coastal footpath.

Look for the last turning on your right as you approach The Lizard Point village, most southerly village in England.

In Cornish, Porth Keynans, meaning ravine cove is in the opinion of many the most beautiful cove on the Cornish Coast.

Happily Kynance cove is a National Trust property.

The few amenities include a car park (not free) at the head of the valley.

A walk of about a mile down the glorious ravine brings you to the cove or rather cove complex.

There is a delightful café, formerly a fisherman’s cottage, it used to serve excellent Cornish Cream Teas, I hope it still does.

The Kynance Café first opened for business in 1929.

It relied on spring water and a generator for power.

When the café became the property of the National Trust in 1999 the Trust renovated the building including provided mains water and electricity.

It is best to visit Kynance Cove at half tide when the wind is from the North or East.

Then you will be able to enjoy the pure sands and crystal waters, mostly covered by high tide.

The high spring tides purify the beaches, all submerge.

Mermaid's pool, framed

Mermaid’s pool, framed

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