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This section is a wider introduction to the varied projects and one off paintings by Gordon Frickers.

The object of this page is an over view of this project in two forms.

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Gordon Frickers painting the Pyrenees

Gordon Frickers painting the Pyrenees

The subjects include portraits, coastal studies and landscape paintings including of the far away Holy Land, Israel.

Brittany landscapes:

St Michael's Mount

St Michael’s Mount (available £1500.)

St Michael's Mount (2)

St Michael’s Mount (2) (sold) 

Port Menarch

Port Menarch (available, £950)

Plage des nudistes Meneham

Plage des nudistes Meneham (Available, £950.)

Roche-Bernard sunset 12.03.16

Roche-Bernard sunset 12.03.16 (sold)


SW France, landscapes:


Carcassonne, (Available, £6500.)

(Available, £6500.)

He has explored most of Britain, much of the French coastline and several wine regions, a voyage that continues into tomorrow

Many of these highly original landscapes represent a search for particular qualities and effects, from his early days as a painter to time spent at the Painting School of Montmiral and beyond, into the future.

(Available, £2500.)


(Available, £6500.)

(Available, £1500.)


(Available, £2500.)

Results emerged with many ‘colour surprises’, challenging accepted ideas of vision based on 3 primaries.

Besides being very pleasing paintings, on closer examination these pictures raise many unanswered questions about the nature of colour vision.

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