Landscape Art of Gordon Frickers

 “to entertain, inform and inspire, enjoy”.

One of the very few artists to be invited to exhibit at the European Parliament, Brussels (May 2011)

Creative process, 2The Port of Gaillac 1863"

Creativing “The Port of Gaillac 1863″

All professional artists are special but in different ways.

Gordon Frickers is a master of spectacular paintings, many are produce ‘plien aire’, his historical reconstructions are particularly noted.

About the art and Artist, painter and (qualified) photographer.

This Gordon Frickers web site, his second, introduces his landscape painting in particular the popular and fascinating major project “Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux“.

  • Quote: Brian Simpson MEP, chairman of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee (2011 to 2014) wrote: “Frickers paintings are marks of our achievement as a people”.
  • Gordon Frickers fine art has been and is often the choice of distinguished people and renowned companies.

You are cordially invited to enter this magic world of Gordon Frickers and via

to  follow his art work , career and own a painting.

Mission statement:  “I set out to be the best painter (and person) I can be, to entertain, inform and inspire, to try to leave the world a slightly better place than we found it, enjoy”.

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Art affordable?  Your collection could start from a very reasonable £100 for a drawing, from £500 for a painting, request details via ‘contact us‘.

Naturally larger more complex art work that require his specialised research, knowledge and equipment  costs a lot more and is considerably more valuable.

It all depends upon what you want.

To find out more the best thing is to talk with Gordon Frickers, it’s fascinating and  fun, enjoy.

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You can contact us via or by phone

England: T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435

France:  mobile 06 10 66 19 26 Fix: 0581406243

Or Skype : gordonfrickers.

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Gordon  Frickers art has many qualities that engage us and  stimulate our imagination.

A rare vivid sense of emotional and physical presence, a knack of combining abstraction with precise detail, subtle lighting, depth and luminosity. His work invariably includes meticulous often ground breaking research and attention that goes way beyond normal, Gordon is also considered a master of historical reconstructions, see for example his recent painting The Port of Gaillac 1863 which measures 2 m x 1 m. is intended to promote and sell however it is much more, an introduction to many topics that relate to his paintings, people he has met, many unique insights, stories, a versatile artist, his paintings, in particular see his cv/ résumée,

Gordon Frickers: Currently among other things is researching a painting required as a gift for the President of the United States of America and painting two mini ‘wine’ series similar but different to the major Bordeaux villages project, based respectively around the Gaillac (his home for 8 years) and fabulous Carcassonne.

We hope you to enjoy your visit, found something you like and follow our posts. Kindly spread the word to all the collectors you know who enjoy and appreciate fine art, if you think this project deserves success, you can help us make this project widely know, thank you.


In the future

We are adding new paintings, publishing more text, extending our research, ‘further reading’ and archive information…

Artist at work, portrait by Jill Lane

Artist at work, portrait by Jill Lane

Painting of GF, courtesy Jill Lane

Credit were credit is due:

This art work is respectfully and affectionately dedicated to all who have helped in particular our clients who have made this possible by saying “I’ll buy it”.

In particular we appreciate the time, enthusiasm, professionalism and above all knowledge of many good people who have contributed to enrich this unique art work and website with their willingness to share knowledge, their patience and encouragement.

Become a part of this story then your name can be credited.


The artist's signature

The artist’s signature

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